That Good Company, Inc.

That Good Company, Inc. is a US based startup with the mission to make a good use of technology and create positive social impact in communities all over the world.

Our Projects


WeMujer is a platform whose mission is to help women get out and scape gender violence. WeMujer gives women the opportunity to tell their stories and get funds for their dreams using crowdfunding-based campaigns and connecting people who want to help to those women that desperately need help. 

SkillsFactory mission is to prepare and educate society about the upcoming technology trends that will directly affect many jobs and day to day activities like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We believe that in order to be prosperous and have a productive life in the upcoming years knowing how to work alongside this technologies adding value and using them in our benefit is key to maintain ourselves productive and irreplaceable. 

Our Team

Madeline Mollinedo


Madeline Mollinedo worked in international NGOs as Pro Mujer a women’s development organizations; and World Vision. She was part of the Comprometidos Acceleration program in 2017 that took place in Argentina and she is the creator of SOS Mujer, an App that prevents gender violence.

Alejandro Foronda


Alejandro Foronda was selected as a Young Leader of the Americas in the 2017 cohort in a United States Department of State initiative. He has been featured in several news outlets and he’s the creator of Avísame! a security app that was downloaded several times in the region. 

Currently Alejandro also works as a Technology Specialist for an award-winning developer and distributor of Virtual Reality experiences, CEEK.  


Elizabeth Gazda

CEO - The Doni

Marco Mollinedo

Former CEO Pro Mujer Perú

Mary Spio